Welcome to the birth of TwinDragonsWeb... our new start. If you're reading this, then chances are you are a valued friend or relative who has been invited to share in this happy occasion with us. Thank you for joining us!

As you probably know, we've faced a lot of challenges over these past few years, and watched as our goals and dreams shifted to accommodate our changing needs and abilities. What we can and can't do has become a matter of perspective. There are those who would have us believe that we are trying to accomplish the impossible. We refuse to listen to those naysayers. We are going to focus on what we know we can do.

So what can we do? That's a good question.

Most of our work takes place online. We have combined interest, experience and passion in the areas of online administration, creative arts, career management, technical support, website development, book transcription... and the list goes on. Basically, if it can be done online and we enjoy doing it, we'll do it. Our motto is:

"Don't ask us what we do... tell us what you need!"

One of our goals in starting this online business is to remove the obstacles that prevent some people from pursuing their dreams. These barriers can include learning disorders, physical or mental handicaps, mobility issues, computer illiteracy, or perhaps a lack of self-esteem or direction.

We know what it feels like to be excluded or discounted by society when you can no longer do what you used to do. And you don't need to be reminded of what you can't do... you need the support, encouragement and tools to accomplish or achieve what you CAN do! And we want to be a part of that.

We believe that TwinDragonsWeb can grow into something more than just our dream. But that will come in time. For now, it's time to start this journey. We invite you to stay tuned and watch this site grow.

~ Dani & Ozzy ~

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